Water Based Siloxane #39

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Epoxy.com Product #39

Water Based Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer


Epoxy.com Product #39  Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer is a one component water based blene of silane and siloxane that provides excellent protection to concrete surfaces against attack from wet/dry, freeze/thaw cycles, and de-icing chemicals. Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer  imparts a hydrophobic "water-shedding" effect to concrete, masonry, brick, stone & wood surfaces. The water repellency helps reduce cracking spalling, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pick- up. Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer  is easy to use and meets all current VOC regulations. Epoxy.com Product #39 Penetrating Sealer has Low VOC.


  • One Component, water based, ready mixed
  • Environmentally safe
  • <250 grams/liter VOC
  • Protects concrete, masonry, and wood from the damaging effects of water and chloride intrusion (de-icing chemicals).
  • Prevents concrete deterioration caused by freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Produces the deepest possible penetration in masonry due to its extremely low viscosity.
  • Once cured, it provides a permanent hydrophobic effect and will protect concrete rebar from corrosion.
  • Is not a vapor barrier - permits concrete and masonry to breathe.
  • Effective on highly alkaline and neutral surfaces.
  • Low viscosity enables easy application using hand-pumped pressure sprayer.
  • Does not change surface appearance.
  • Concrete properly treated with Epoxy.com Product #39 Penetranting Sealer  will not have a surface sheen and will not discolor.
  • Epoxy.com Product #39 Penetranting Sealer  will not change the "skid-resistant" characteristics of vehicular or pedestrian traffic surfaces.
  • Easy water cleanup of tools and equipment
  • Suitable for most structurally sound, clean alkaline substrates


Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer  can be used for sealing bridge decks, parking garages, parapet walls, roadways, structural concrete, brick work (clay and lime sand), wood and mortar.


ColorClear water solution
Flash PointNone
UV 90 day exposure (ASTM C 1378)No change in appearance

Product #39 at 125 square feet per gallon, tested in accordance with NCHRP Report # 244, produces the following results:

Reduction of water absorption into Concrete   87%
Reduction of chloride content into Concrete  87 %


Normal application - apply two (2) coats at approximately 250 square feet per gallon per coat. To meet or exceed NCHRP report 244 - apply two (2) coats at 125 square feet per gallon average. The second coat may be applied immediately after first is fully absorbed. A coverage of 200 square feet per gallon may be acceptable for general purpose use. For best results, 2 coats are recommended.


Surfaces must be clean and sound. While some moisture present in the concrete or masonry will not affect the performance of Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer, the drier the surface, the deeper the penetration.


Stir well before use. Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer  may be applied by spray (using hand-pumped pressure sprayer),

brush, roller - or dipping of masonry units. For best results, use hand-pressure spray equipment instead of compressed air. For best results on most masonry surfaces, two (2) applications are recommended. Dense new concrete surfaces may only require one (1) application.


Five (5) gallon cans and fifty-five (55) gallon drums.


12 months


Do not apply on or through standing water. Material is not intended to seal moving cracks from moisture intrusion. Epoxy.com Product #39 Silane and Siloxane Penetrating Sealer  is not to be used to prevent leaks from hydrostatic pressure. Do not apply at surface temperatures below 40°F, or when surface temperature is expected to fall below 40°F within four (4) hours after application.


Alkaline Material: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with plenty of water for at least fifteen (15) minutes. Call a physician in case of severe skin or eye irritation. Wash clothing before re-use. Wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves, and/or barrier creams.