Epoxy.com Product #633 Highly Chemical Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coating

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Epoxy.com Product #633

100% Solids High-Solids Epoxy Novolac Coating

Multi-Functional - Highly Chemically Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coating -Flooring Resin

DESCRIPTION Epoxy.com Product #633 Chemical Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coating Picture

Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating is a 100% solids epoxy Novolac coating ideal for harsh chemical and solvent resistant applications. Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating is used in secondary containment, solvent storage, pump pads, trenches, and other high exposure areas.

Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating is ideal for use as a protective coating for concrete and steel in the extremely corrosive areas of chemical plants and pulp mills secondary containment areas, water and waste treatment, and gas and electric utilities. Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating is commonly used as a seal coat for Epoxy.com MORTAR SYSTEMS where chemical resistant performance is required.


  • Exhibits excellent resistance to strong acids, alkalis, and most industrial chemicals and solvents
  • Can be applied in cool damp conditions
  • Can be re-coated in 4 to 6 hours
  • Can be applied in occupied facilities
  • Forms a virtual moisture barrier


  • Concrete substrate  to receive Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials.
  • Steel surfaces  to receive Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating must be free of grease and oils. Abrasive blast to SSPC-SP5.


  • 100% solids, modified amine adduct cured epoxy Novolac resin.



Epoxy.com Product #633 Chemical Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coating on Lab Tops Surface Preparation is the most critical portion to any successful resinous system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in Epoxy.com Surface Preparation Proceedures. Work must be performed by trained or experienced contractors or maintenance personnel. The Epoxy.com tech service department is pleased to answer any questions.


Installation methods for Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy - Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating will vary with application method. See Coating Installation Guide for use in typical coating applications.


Color See color chart below
Solids Content 100%
Gloss 60 F 100
Mix Ratio 2A to 1B by volume
Pot Life 20 minutes @ 75 F
VOC 0%


Foot Traffic 10-12 hours
Recoat  - Minimum 4 - 12 hours (Depending on Temperature)
Recoat - Maximum   24-36 hours (Depending on Temperature)
Service 5 days


Acetic Acid 20% R
Acetic Acid 56% L - 24 hour
Acetic Acid 84% L - 24 hour
Acetic Acid (Glacial) L - Hourly Cleanup
Acetone L - Hourly Cleanup
Bleach R
Citric Acid R
Crude Oil R
Diesel Fuel R
Ethylene Glycol R
Fatty Acids R
Gasoline R
Hydrochloric Acid-36% R
Hydraulic Fluid R
Lactic Acid R
Methyl Ethyl Ketone L - Hourly Cleanup
Nitric Acid - 10% R
Perchloroethylene R
Propylene Glycol
   Monomethyl Ether
Skydrol R
Sodium Hydroxide - 50% R
Sulfuric Acid-10% R
Sulfuric Acid-50% R
Sulfuric Acid-70% R
Sulfuric Acid-98% R
Toluene R
Urine R
Xylene R

R-Recommended for continuous service  L-Limited recommendation, occasional spills.


Tensile Strength ASTM-D-638 10,400 p.s.i
Adhesion to concrete ACI Committee 403 300 p.s.i - 100% concrete failure
Hardness ASTM-D-2240 86 Shore D
Abrasion Resistance ASTM-C-501 CS-17 Wheel 30 mg lost
Service Temperature MIL- D-3134F Up to 180-325 degrees F. Dry Heat
Elongation 2.5%

Epoxy.com Product #633 Chemical Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coating is available in 17 standard color here is the Color ChartClick the picture of color card below  for a larger version of this picture of the color chart.
Please note:  The picture to the right is a photographic reproduction of the color card for this product.  The photo reproduction process and your monitor and/or printer will change these colors.  This chart is to give you an idea of the colors available and not intended for critical color selections.

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You can estimate using the spreadsheet below or by using our NEW Coating Calculator.

Download the above spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel Format worksheets/CoatingsCalculator.xls

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