Epoxy Garage Flooring Systems

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Epoxy.com Logo - Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polysulfide, Polyester, MMA - Methyl Methacrylate and other Construction Resin Systems - Over 350 Products- Since 1980


Epoxy.com believes in the Right Product for the Right Job.  You do not have to accept a cookie cutter solution to your Epoxy Garage Floor.  We offer many options.  Above we are just a few possible solutions.  Please call Epoxy.com Technical Support at 714-657-3826 and let us help you design the right system for your Epoxy Garage Floor.

Epoxy Color Quartz Chart

Epoxy Garage Flooring - Quartz

Epoxy.com Epoxy Garage Flooring with Quartz - www.epoxy.com/15.htm, is a highly durable and economical Epoxy Garage Flooring System that is rugged enough for even the most demanding commercial applications of Epoxy Garage Flooring.

The backbone of the Epoxy.com Epoxy Garage Flooring system with Quartz is Epoxy.com Product #15.  Product #15 has been used in demanding applications for over 30 years.  It can be found in high school bathrooms where it was installed in the late 70's.  The very floors that were installed in the 70's have shown virtually no wear and no yellowing.  You cannot do say that about typical Epoxy Quartz Flooring Systems.

What is new and unique?

At last there is a high quality seamless floor finish which can be provided in every desirable color combination. Flooring experts have been using this process for a long time. Epoxy.com, which is responsible for the quality of the floor resin, has not stood still over the years. It has developed various new types of resins like EpoxySystems'™ Product #315. These resins are easy to use, by any skilled do-it-yourselfer or coating professional. For potential customers, both commercial applicators and the do-it-yourselfer, the final result is most certainly new. For more information please visit http://www.epoxy.com/315.htm.

Arguably the most cost effective, durable, and attractive Epoxy Garage Flooring System available to day is Epoxy.com Chip Flooring System. MultiColored Epoxy Garage Floors have a special role to play in interior design. The heavy technical demands made on floors often make the use of certain decorative products simply impossible. The use of color chips can change all that! Color chips are increasingly being used in combination with "wet" products such as Epoxy.com Product #315 Polymeric Multi-Colored Chip Floor Resurfacing System to create decorative floors with more to offer than other ornamental products...Quality! Due to their easy application, these products can be used by both professionals and skilled do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Note: This product is not available in retail (off the shelf) outlets.  It is only available from select authorized applicator/distributors or directly from Epoxy.com, who will give you the technical support that you need to install it properly. Get the REAL THING. Be sure it has the Epoxy.com logo on the label.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Systems


Epoxy.com offers a wide variety of Epoxy Garage Flooring products.  We combine these products with related technologies, to provide a wide variety of solutions to your Epoxy Garage Flooring needs.

Every Epoxy Garage Floor job is slightly different.  The needs of each individual owner of the soon to be installed Epoxy Garage Floor has specific needs.  The minimum requirement for all Epoxy Garage Floor Systems that Epoxy.com offers is that, when properly installed, are highly durable. Selection of product needs will also need to balance the following needs:



Epoxy Garage Floor Sealing Systems give you the most "bang for the buck".  They are low cost, easy to use and very durable. Epoxy.com offers this system in two formats:

Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy.com Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems are perhaps the most versatile of all Epoxy Garage Floor Systems.  Properly installed they are not effected by hot tires. Properly installed Epoxy.com Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems will last for generations.  It may very well be the last Epoxy Garage Floor Coating that you will ever have to install.

  1. Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a smooth ceramic like finished Epoxy Garage Floor.

  2. Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed with the addition of an anti-skid which is available in both fine and course.

  3. The 100% Solids Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a single broadcast system.  This will create a Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems that is about 1/16 inch thick.

  4. The 100% Solids Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a double or even triple broadcast system.  Each broadcast adds about 1/16 inch to the total thickness.

Epoxy.com has hundreds of products.  So there are too many possible Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems to list them all here.  The products that are most commonly used to create Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems are:

Epoxy Garage Chip Flooring Systems